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-- Charter Arms --

There are 3 pistols and 69 revolvers from this manufacturer in the Handgun Database.
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Charter Arms
18 Brewster Lane
Shelton CT 06484

About the Manufacturer:

This company was founded in 1964 as Charter Arms by an engineer who had worked for Colt, High Standard and Sturm Ruger. The company specialized in short-barrel pocket revolvers and did well until the 1990s when strong competition from inexpensive South American imports and some unfortunate business events eventually drove them out of business. In 2000 a new company was formed to salvage the remains of Charter Arms. Named Charter 2000, the company continued to make and market the original Carter Arms Bulldog and Undercover revolvers as well as new models like the Mag Pug. Business success since 2000 has allowed for a rebirth of the original company's name.

.22 LR23
.22 Mag (WMR)7
.32 S&W Long1
.380 Auto11
.32 Mag6
.38 Spl3
.38 Spl +P22
9 mm3
.327 Federal Mag2
.40 S&W2
.44 S&W Spl8
.357 Mag7
.45 Auto2
.45 Colt1
.41 Rem Mag1
Pistol ModelsVariants
Explorer II2