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Top 500 Handguns Searched in 2017

In 2017 our handgun database served up 731,853 handgun searches. That's almost three quarters of a million searches.

Also quite interesting is that almost every handgun in the database received at least one search.  

Of the top 500 handguns searched, broken down by the numbers of models searched for, here are the top 10 manufacturers searched:

Smith & Wesson: 68 models
Beretta: 54 models
SIG: 40 models
Glock: 27 models
Ruger: 25 models
Taurus: 23 models
Springfield Armory: 21 models
Walther: 19 models
CZ: 19 models
Norinco: 13 models

We thought it would be of interest to our viewers to show the top 500 handguns searched and viewed for 2017, along with the number of views each handgun received:

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